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Civilian Labor Force   Occupational Employment Statistics (OES)
Employment and unemployment statistics for the state and local areas. Information is updated on monthly basis.   Learn more about the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES), which is a program that collects employment and wage estimates by occupations.
Local Area Profiles   Local Occupational Wages
Comprehensive information, including industry mix, income, and occupational profiles, for each of Georgia's 159 counties and Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). (PDF)   Occupational wage information by specific area, select counties, or statewide, including entry level, average, and median.
Occupational Outlooks   Industry Outlooks
Ten-year occupational forecasts by area and statewide, including annual growth, annual openings, and replacement information.   Ten-year industry forecast for Georgia and workforce investment areas. Statewide top growth industries and those declining the most are also available.
How Industries are Classified (NAICS)   Local Unemployment Rate
Learn more about the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), which is the standardized system for collecting and analyzing data by industries. (PDF)
  Twelve months of unemployment rates are available for City, Congressional District, County, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), Regional Development Center (RDC), and Workforce Investment Area (WIA). Graphs compare local unemployment rates with Georgia and the US.
Affirmative Action Data   Employer Assistance
Affirmative action reports, including data from 2010 Census. The data is available for the state of Georgia and all 159 counties.   Learn more about Recruitment Services, Taxes & Unemployment Insurance Claims, Tax Credits and Incentives, Layoff or Closure Assistance, and many more.