Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI's) offers a variety of options to everyone.

  • Viewing information that is specific to local counties or metropolitan areas is made easy so that decisions are made about those locations. 
  • Everyone apart of the labor force can obtain information on employment and wages in different industries by age, location and gender.
  • Researching information on the changing economy is available through job elimination and creation measures, as well as, turnover and long-term industry trends.
  • When deciding to locate or relocate, employers will have access to business trends on job creation and elimination. Also, they will know where the workforce lives and works.
  • Students will be able to channel their careers in the right direction.
  • Examining earnings for new and long-time workers in different industries will assist educational and training institutions in benchmarking their performance and improve their placement strategies.
  • Viewing LED's employment information will show job seekers which types of businesses are hiring, what they are paying, and their growth trends.